I am a Gardener of the Groove.
That means i tend to the roots, seeds, leaves, flowers and spaces, between the notes. That means that i travel with my tools into biodiverse environments where creative blossoming is pollinated on purpose, without pressure.  Here there are modern and ancient tools, compost and herbal teas to help us cultivate a collective which is unified by the consciousness of care.
These offerings are the heirloom seeds of my life’s werk as a Planetary AlcheMystic and Ceremonial Musician. Bring your broom, your pen, your friends and your willingness to thrive.

Group Limpia – Subtle Self Care + Energetic Clearing

Suggested Donation: $22

Limpia is a Spanish word that means “clean”, yet within many cultures, Limpia is also a significant pART of spiritual practice. When one looks, it is easy to see that clearing practices are found all around the WErld on most paths of ceremony….including ones that are KINnected to Rome. I am called to offer these group sessions as it is clear that few modern people have been shown how to clean + clear energy in a ways that Tunes us In + Tunes us Up. These group sessions are a way to tap into a collective awareness of how to keep our energetic bodies clear and moving freely.


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Tune In and Tune Up on Tuesday + Friday Afternoon with the Plants, the Water, the eARTh, the Air, the Fire + the Spirit that shows up when Mz. imani + Friends Gather.

In these thymes, it is very helpful to know how to clear ones subtle body efficiently. For me it is a daily practice to respond + consciously shift overwhelming emotions and triggers related to my life experience. Limpia’s are one way to speak to that which has kept us tethered to the energetic imprints of our perceived (and imperceivable) limitations. Personally, I have found healing to reside in my heART when i play in the garden of the groove + cultivate the resolve of gratitude. Consider this an invitation to join me as i do what WErks for me, what i do naturally. Perhaps you will  find some tools + inspiration to help you tend to your personal SoulFire…..and this beautiful life.
Peace Matters:
Mz. imani

When you register for these Group Limpia Sessions, you will be given info about how to prepare + what to show up with.  Each session will begin and end with a prayer, include time to werk on yourself and have a few minutes of drumming to help integrate the experience while you sit quietly or take notes on your experience. I am choosing to offer these sessions in a group setting (and a short thyme window) so there is little to no emotional processing. These sessions are about cleaning our selves, and finding comfort and clarity to heal our heARTs as we remember that we are beings of light. This is the focus, it is simple, and is the WErk that we will do together.

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