I am a Gardener of the Groove.
That means i tend to the roots, seeds, leaves, flowers and spaces, between the notes. That means that i travel with my tools into biodiverse environments where creative blossoming is pollinated on purpose, without pressure.  Here there are modern and ancient tools, compost and herbal teas to help us cultivate a collective which is unified by the consciousness of care.
These offerings are the heirloom seeds of my life’s werk as a Planetary AlcheMystic and Ceremonial Musician. Bring your broom, your pen, your friends and your willingness to thrive.

Portal Trainings

Sliding Scale: $111-$222/month

Winter Months: Tuesday Evenings 6:30-8, Private Zoom

The Portal Trainings are Mz. imani’s accumulated experience of how to open, close and navigate Portals.  As we learn to recognize and WErk with the subtle architectural forms within life, we are WErking with what many call Portals. As we dive deeper and find our personal and collective KINnection to these energy streams, before we know it we are portal surfing for the highest good of all.

Due every month for 2 months



Portals are either harmonious, neutral or disharmonious. They emanate, neutralize or absorb forces that can be tracked + felt. Portals can be opened, closed, and WErked with. Most Portals are open to being communicated with, some are not. This WErk is an Art Form, the tools i am most familiar with are intuition, dowsing rods, pendulums and kinesiology. Once you have developed a WILLINGNESS to think outside of the box, and form a relationship with this subtle style of inter-dimensional communication, tools can provide direct physical evidence of the presence of a portal. As you move further and further down your path, you will most likely develop the skill to recognize these energetic impulses, either by feeling them in the body, in the mind and/or in the spirit.

There are other physically tangible ways to sense these subtle energetic pathways, such as gut feelings, our language, sense of smell and experiences like  “chicken skin”. With curiosity and a kind heART, we can begin to explore concepts such as Portal Surfing as a pART of our daily actions and intentions, as Planetary AlcheMystics.

These sessions are designed to open and validate what is collective in nature and personal in design. We are here to build harmony, through our shared and divergent experiences. We  encourage synchronicity to reveal the mystery and magic available when we share curiosity and intention to become “dimensionally aware”.

When we pay attention -and are present to the subtle communications of life wanting to positively influence life – we bless ourselves, our people, our planet and all we love.

As the intercessor for The Portal Trainings, Mz. imani has a purpose: to support the WErk of Spirit. The Spirit who is inclusive, answering and activating seekers, adepts and change makers to co-create harmony and peaceful soul nourishment. The Spirit who wants to bring Art into Action through the collaborative practice of subtle and planetary activism. The Spirit who is compassionate, has good boundaries, is kind, welcoming, curious, authentic and helping the people know freedom.

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