I am a Gardener of the Groove.
That means i tend to the roots, seeds, leaves, flowers and spaces, between the notes. That means that i travel with my tools into biodiverse environments where creative blossoming is pollinated on purpose, without pressure.  Here there are modern and ancient tools, compost and herbal teas to help us cultivate a collective which is unified by the consciousness of care.
These offerings are the heirloom seeds of my life’s werk as a Planetary AlcheMystic and Ceremonial Musician. Bring your broom, your pen, your friends and your willingness to thrive.

Sing Our Souls

Drop in for $20, Monthly subscription $45

Singing is medicine for our times and it helps us all!

When we sing from our soul, we tap into the essence of our relationship with the eARTh, spirit, the universe, all beings, and most importantly, ourselves. Remembering that everything is in motion, everything has a frequency, and everything is connected helps focus our body minds and spirits and trance forms music into medicine. If you would like to find a deeper connection to your soul’s wisdom and presence, within a collective resonance, I invite you to join this 3 week exploration of sound, song, movement, writing and collaboration:


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Limited to 12 people.
Wednesday Evenings: 6-7:30

$45 per month / subscription
$20 for drop in

Sing Our Soul!

~When We Sing Our Soul, we are making medicine for our thymes. When we sing our souls, we tap into the essence of our personal WErking relationship with the unseen allies of Song of Hope and of blesSINGs.

The imaginative aspects of our practice are pivotal as we are making medicine for these amazing thymes we are living in. If you would like to find a deeper connection to your soul’s voice, soular wisdom and sonic resonance within a small group practice, enhancing personal + collective presence, join us.

We will be listening, singing, and returning to the sound of our own voice, and our collectives voice in this month long exploration of sound, song, movement and collaboration with all of creation.

How we sing, Why we sing and When we sing are interesting things to notice. I have found it helpful, as this informs me how it feels to sing from + to my/our soul.

i will provide lyrics, prompts, music to listen to and other fun facts and variations on themes to those who register for the monthly subscription.

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