I am a Gardener of the Groove.
That means i tend to the roots, seeds, leaves, flowers and spaces, between the notes. That means that i travel with my tools into biodiverse environments where creative blossoming is pollinated on purpose, without pressure.  Here there are modern and ancient tools, compost and herbal teas to help us cultivate a collective which is unified by the consciousness of care.
These offerings are the heirloom seeds of my life’s werk as a Planetary AlcheMystic and Ceremonial Musician. Bring your broom, your pen, your friends and your willingness to thrive.

SoulFire Circles Training

SoulFire is a collective WErking that is all about the oversoul of the WE, and relationship with the unseen allies of peace and renewal. In this lunar cycle session we will get into the relationships, as well as the nuts and bolts of the systems and the synchronicities that are tended to invite WErking expressions of this modern ceremony. We WErk within the mysteries, the technology and the format of music in ways that are thyme tested and shown to WErk.



Join us to learn more about pARTicipating in a Planetary Ceremony called SoulFire 4 The eARTh, April 16-23, 2022..

It is the 10 year anniversary of when SoulFire became a planetary ceremony. SoulFire 4 The Gulf was initially enacted in April 16-20, 2012 by Dr. John, First Nations Leaders of the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Nation, GM Margaret Behan, Arvol Looking Horse, Paula Horne, Turtle Women Rising and Mz. imani.  This Planetary Ceremony, SoulFire 4 The eARTh, wants to be formed. So far each one i have spoken with has said yes:

These Trainings are set up to share all the information needed to host a SoulFire Circle in your home town, and KINnect with others who are pARTicipating in the prayer. These trainings are offered by donation as it is most important (to Mz. imani + the SoulFire Council) that all people have access to these sessions to ACTualize this Planetary Prayer.

SoulFire Circles are places where we Drum, Dance and Pray for Peace. All around the WErld, personal, community and planetary drum and dance circles are happening! We add our attention to our intentions, by noticing who, what, when, where and how to encourage and support people in coming together to play music for the planet + tend a ceremonial fire.

We acknowledge the unseen allies of hope, the elemental beings, our ancestors-both physically + spiritually- and our future generations. We recognize that all of life is in motion, and that playing drums and dancing with a purpose,

This is a living and growing form, that will change and adapt to the current conditions of the werld and the group gathered. Join Mz. imani + Friends to share some seeds, tools and experiences, to harvest the fruits of our imagination + inspiration through music, dance and collective ceremony.This Training is a deep dive into what is possible when we gather to drum, dance and pray for peace. For more than 30 years, Mz. imani has been circumambulating a ceremonial fire, praying for the planet + co-creating sacred spaces for the emergence of collaborative ceremonial music, dance, song, spoken WErd + prayer circles.

As we build these collaborations across the nations we explore ways to tend to the elemental altars of life.  – building gardens of the groove, and cultivating critical mass through ART in Action. Mz. imani  (aka Mama Mojo) will  these trainings to explore and experience core concepts and practices that hold this, and other, containers of collaborative sonic ceremonial space to positively IMPact our personal and planetary natures.



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