Mz. imani is known to be an “imp” who actively invite those called by spirit, the eARTh, music, movement and rhythm to go on a journey of the drum, the heART and unlimited potential. She is committed to support those seeking paths to remember, or find, ceremonial ways thru her consultation, instigation and recalibration practices, teachings and service. At this point in her life, Mz. imani is dedicated to sharing her thoughts and understandings of alchemy thru tending the fire, instigating “roundtable discussions” + playing music for the planet + the people.

Sis-Star WEbsites

Art in Action – A Prayer for the People + the Planet

An International Gathering of HandPan Lovers near Asheville, NC

Prepare for a radical upgrade in the conscioUSness of huMANity

SoulFire Circles are drum and dance events where we sing, drum, dance and pray together.

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